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Markham's Helping Hands
Turkiye & Syria Earthquake Relief 2023
(March 24, 2023)
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On March 24, thanks to Honorary Chair Mayor Frank Scarpitti, together we hosted a successful fundraising event named "Markham's Helping Hands Turkiye & Syria Earthquake Relief " at Xinfilx Media, totalling $120,000 (As of today: $160,000) in support of earthquake relief efforts.  


This devastating earthquake that struck Turkiye and Syria in February 2023 has left thousands of families without homes or food. Many of them have lost loved ones, and their lives have been forever changed. 


I’m humbled to see the continued support of our community for this cause. Their kindness has shown that even in the face of disaster, we can unite as a community and positively impact the world.


 “We don't have a large Turkish and Syrian community here in the city of Markham, but numbers aren't what motivates us; compassion is what motivates us, so I think Markham's Helping Hands reflect the spirit of Markham.” Mayor Frank Scarpitti said.


Mayor Scarpitti and I expressed our gratitude to all who attended the event and the many donors who generously supported this worthy cause. 

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