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  • Closed Strada aggregates on Rodick Road in 2012

  • Actively involved in the planning and development of the pedestrian walkway project on Elgin Mills Road between Woodbine Ave. & Leslie St.​

  • Co-host Crime Prevention Seminars on personal & home safety with York Regional Police

  • Held public seminars to listen to the opinions and concerns of the public, and to include them in the decision-making process

  • Kept residents updated with regular newsletter on important events in our community

  • Assist residents to set up Neighbourhood Watch Groups to promote the role of public security and monitoring in the neighbourhood

  • ​Economic Development - Received delegations from overseas to promote Markham's economy


  • Oversaw the completion of the Victoria Square Water Park project, including the installation of a chess table in Frisby Park in 2013

  • Advocating for portable toilets in all parks

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