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President , Buttonville Residents Association

"I have lived, worked and played in Markham for over 20+ years, I have been amazed to watch Markham grow from a small suburban town to a world-class city. 

For the last 12 years, Alan Ho has always been out there working diligently and passionately with our communities. Alan encourages us to voice our opinions.  He listens to our concerns/suggestions with an open mind.  He acts on them promptly and insightfully.  He keeps us informed of all matters affecting our City, using all means of communication to reach out to us, including the regular e-newsletters and social media.  

Alan Ho was our COVID-19 Hero.  During the pandemic, he worked tirelessly to fight the pandemic with our communities, e.g. delivering PPE, and educating us on the interpretation of the confusing COVID-19 policies.

He regularly goes above and beyond his call of duty to represent our interests and concerns.  His passion to build a better society is contagious.  He has inspired me and many others to play it forward to be an active citizen.

Let’s vote for Alan Ho to be our next York Regional Councillor.   I trust Alan can help build a better City of Markham at the regional level."

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